You know the old saying, “If your tired of starting over quit stopping”. Several years ago when I decided to dive head first into healthy and fitness I was really working hard. Working out consistently, eating as healthy as I could, and really reading and studying up on health and wellness. I have tons, I mean tons of books on health, well being, and cookbooks. For the first year I was really going strong, drinking my Shakeology daily, eating great, drinking lots of water and working out… Well the last year I have really fallen off the map, slowly but surely gaining weight, eating more junk, drinking soda, and not working out like I should.
Today I started the new Country Heat program and hoping that the next 30 days I am consistent with workouts and eating. Day one started out great, of course they always do. Its what day 29 is like that is going to prove if I am ready to keep going strong and quit starting over!
I get bored easily, and it is hard being healthy, it’s really no wonder that obesity is on the rise. Its easy and convenient to run through those golden arches and pick up a bag full of greasy heart attack. Yes that greasy heart attack tastes oh so delicious! Why is it that junk food always seems to taste so good, when we all know just how very bad it is. They say that sugar is more addictive than cocaine! WOW! I can believe it though. Today was day one of no Mt. Dew for this girl and man oh man, when I got off work I had a headache that made me want to guzzle a 44oz. golden goodness in a Styrofoam cup! But I told myself it was all in my head, I came home, did some laundry and did a second workout to keep my mind off the throbbing in my skull.
I have my meals planned out for tomorrow, prepped and ready for two days of success. That’s how it works, one day at a time. Do better today than you did yesterday. Its a process and I am my toughest critic. If I don’t do perfect I just say to hell with it and go back to the Dew and crap! But then I have that shame and regret, and know that if I stick with it I will feel so much better.
I have my son and husband who need me to be the healthiest, happiest I can be to make sure our home is filled with love and happiness. When I don’t eat well or exercise I feel awful and take it out on those who I love the most. So here I am in a vicious cycle. Life gets busy, stuff happens and back to square one.. So here I am starting over, not giving up or giving in. Yes it is a constant struggle and battle, but I am stronger than my excuses, I know this. I just need to keep telling myself, one day at a time, on foot in front of the other, and keep pushing play and setting myself up for success.
So here is how day one went for me.. Up at 5a.m. logged into my accountability group and posted my morning motivation. 5:30 pushed play on Country Heat, which is a load of fun and does not feel like work! Made lunch and snacks for the day, got my son ready for school, got myself ready for work, had to pick son up because he was sick. Worked and stuck to my prepped meals, had over 64 oz. of water before noon. Came home, laundry, second workout, dinner that I had prepped in the crock pot, my savior. Prepped for day 2 and now here I sit writing this blog keeping myself accountable and hopefully motivating at least one person to never give up. Life is crazy, stuff gets in the way, but we need to never give up. Keep on moving and one day it will all fall into place.. Now on to day 2, wish me luck!
Stay fit and healthy my friends!