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Insanity all the way!

Starting week 4 of Insanity this week, plus giving the 131 diet from Chalene Johnson a whirl. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back to working out regularly. While the diet has not been perfect I… Continue Reading →

My not so great year in review

So as the weeks wind down in 2017 I sit and reflect on the events of the year. It has been full of ups and a lot of downs. As the year started I had great expectations of how I… Continue Reading →

Shift Shop Round 1

I completed round one of Shift Shop a week ago. I planned on doing a second round this past week but certain things, like life, got in the way. But Round 2 is on schedule starting tomorrow. Round 1 was… Continue Reading →

Getting back

So I have been really digging deep and trying to focus on me these last two weeks. I hate to say that since around Christmas I have been on a roller coaster of emotional depression. I have started workouts and… Continue Reading →

Day 1, back at it

Today was the day I decided to take charge of my mental and physical health. I committed to the 3 Day Refresh and Shaun Week. Refresh was a success, have had over 100oz of water, and worked out twice. I… Continue Reading →

A fresh start

So I have been a way a while. I have had some serious battles with my depression and some things going on in life that I just can not change, no matter how hard I try. This last year has… Continue Reading →

Me now…

So for the last few months I have been really struggling. As a chronic sufferer of depression, I am aware that without warning this disease can crawl up and get you in a choke hold that is hard to get… Continue Reading →

Starting over

You know the old saying, “If your tired of starting over quit stopping”. Several years ago when I decided to dive head first into healthy and fitness I was really working hard. Working out consistently, eating as healthy as I… Continue Reading →

Finding my why….

One day several years ago when I was 40 pounds overweight and facing several issues I was facing a big question. I had met a coach on Facebook and she asked me why I wanted to get fit and healthy…. Continue Reading →

Body Image

So the other day I was listening to Shaun T’s podcast and there was a lady who was talking about women and body image, how we use food as emotional crutches and more often than not when we look in… Continue Reading →

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