So for the last few months I have been really struggling. As a chronic sufferer of depression, I am aware that without warning this disease can crawl up and get you in a choke hold that is hard to get out of. That is where I have been the last few months. I have neglected my body, my mind, myself, which in turn had me sink into a deeper depression. So here I sit, mad, angry, and just pissed off that I let it get this far.
Several years ago, after I lost my mom, I was in the deepest depression of my life, on meds and they were doing no good. I found this stuff, Shakeology, and Beachbody, a few people who were just like me and I turned things around! I felt better than I had in years, I had self confidence, and I just wanted to keep moving forward making myself better, and helping others in the process. Things went well.
Then the first of the year, I changed jobs, after 27 years with the same company, I started a class, and my grandmother, who I had been responsible for since my mom passed was having some health issues. Her and I have our own issues, which I struggled with for quite some time. I also heard my father, who I do not have a relationship with had been very sick and almost died, which stirred up all kinds of emotions that I thought that I did not have or had buried. So needless to say I was an emotional mess, all over the place, and in the worst funk I have been in years! So now what? Here I sit, knowing I need to make a change, and I am determined to get back to that healthy, confident woman.
I am in charge of my own destiny, nobody can do it for me, just me! I am determined to get back my health and happiness. Depression, if you have never experienced it is something that is hard to describe. There is nothing really wrong on the outside, but inside there is this demon brewing. Ready to cut you down at every turn. People look at you, and think, what do you have to be depressed about? Well its not black and white, its something that you can’t explain, or just say I feel depressed because of this… Its a disorder that people who suffer from it know that the cure is hard to come by.
Now its time to make a game plan, get my head in the game, and get back to taking care of me! I know what I need to do. Tomorrow I will be starting a new program “Core De Force”, I have my meals planned, and I am starting a 21 day love your body bootcamp. So I have my ammo now its up to me to fire!
No matter what or where you are in life. You can make a change, you just have to have the desire to do it. Find a support system, get your family and friends in your corner, and give yourself some love and forgiveness. You are worth it! Make every effort to be better than you were yesterday. It will not happen overnight, it will take time, but in the long run it will be worth it! Start now, you will thank yourself in a few weeks when you start to do things you couldn’t do before.
So lets do this, lets get fit, happy, healthy, and a force to be reckoned with!