One day several years ago when I was 40 pounds overweight and facing several issues I was facing a big question. I had met a coach on Facebook and she asked me why I wanted to get fit and healthy. That one question set off a whirlwind of answers. Why??? Well that started a few years before.
I was the girl who never had to worry about being over weight, for a while I was actually the opposite,I had suffered an eating disorder. When I gave birth to my son I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life and had the hardest time losing weight, but I did… Then one day in May of 2011, one word changed my entire life. Cancer… When I heard the word it was like a kick in the gut, the look in my mom’s eyes was pure fear. Here was my rock, the one who was always there standing by me, supporting me, facing the battle of a lifetime. Stage 4, is was bad, and the outlook was bleak, but in that moment I was determined to get her through it. To be her rock, you know the song “I’m gonna love you through it”? Well that was me. I was going to love her healthy, and care for her the way she had for me my entire life. So we went to treatments, I took care of her, her house, finances, and everything I could. She was always so strong, but here she was so weak, her mind was determined to beat this awful disease but her body and that cancer had other ideas. Month after month, she got weaker and every time we were told nothing was working. Eventually we had no other options but experimental treatments. She wanted to do everything she could to live to see her grandson grow up. So we went. One day during those treatments she started having a seizure, being experimental the doctors and nurses had no idea what these meds would do to different people so they tried to get her out of this seizure, all the while just wanting to get results from the medications. My mom was a lab rat. I had had enough! I called her oncologist and told him I wanted her to never return to these treatments. He told her that we were going to stop. She was crushed, he continued to give her the chemo that didn’t work just for her to try and keep fighting. Unfortunately she did not live much longer, but she went out fighting.
During her treatments and her type of cancer I learned a lot about food, the preservatives, and junk that goes into it and the direct correlation between this and cancers. It was scary!! Unfortunately I was lost in my own sorrow and misery that I did not take care of me or my health.
I went to the doctor one day, and was over 40 pounds over weight, and facing several health issues of my own, I felt terrible, had no energy and was using alcohol just to cope. That one day I thought hard about my why… I went home and looked at my son and husband and was hit with two big why’s right away. I did not want my son to go through what I had just went through. I didn’t want my husband to go through it, I had a huge why.. Now I just had to do something about it.
I found this page on Facebook that was running this thing called a Shakeology 10 day challenge, I messaged the admin of the page and asked about it. She told me it was 10 days replacing one meal with this Shakeology stuff,and then follow a healthy meal plan for the rest of the week, and perform at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. I figured what have I got to lose? She sent me the stuff, and I lost 8 pounds, and felt amazing in just 10 short days! After we finished, I instantly started researching Shakeology and what was in it. To my surprise it was made by Beachbody, who gave me Shaun T and Insanity several years prior. It was made with all natural ingredients, tons of nutrients, and non GMO. I emailed the admin and asked her what I needed to do to continue to get this stuff. She told me I could sign up as a coach, get a workout, and get a discount. That’s what I did, I knew I had never felt better, I was doing this healthy thing the right way and I did not want that feeling to go away and I wanted to fight as hard as my mom did to be healthy and the mom and wife my family deserved!
I started drinking my shakes, and found this awesome workout, Turbo Fire, that I absolutely loved. I lost 40 pounds and felt better than I had ever felt in my life! I also met some of the most amazing people, the support and motivation was unbelievable! People from all walks of life who had never met, giving love, support and motivation.
I then decided that I would spread my knowledge and what I was doing. I told myself if I could help just one person feel amazing, and get healthy then it would all be worth it. I was doing it for my mom. For boys and girls who loved their parents and needed them to be the best version of mom and dad they could. So families, adults, teens, kids, whomever felt lost, overweight, tired, sick, could have someone care and love them enough to want to see them get fit and healthy and be happy with themselves.
There is no feeling like being overweight, unhealthy, and miserable from unhealthy foods and sedentary living. Moving and eating well is truly the fountain of youth. Now, if I don’t eat like I should, get enough water, or not exercise for long periods of time my body tells me about it and I go back to that awful depressed feeling I had after the loss of my mom. And it takes me back to a place where I don’t want to be and I reevaluate my why.
I want to make my mom proud of who I am, what I am doing, and that I am taking the worst situation of my life so far and turning it into something positive. I know she will always be with me in my heart. We were on our own from the time I was 9 so her loss was quite a blow!
When you think about your why there are so many variables. It really gets you thinking. Right now if you are feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired, think about why you are that way and what you can do about it. Why do you want to get healthy, why do you want to feel good? Who do you want to get healthy for? Almost every health issue comes from being overweight and unhealthy. No matter what you are facing there are options, you can fight for your health and well being. You are worth it, your family is worth it, you are brave and strong enough to fight! Sometimes you just need a little help, some love and a nudge in the right direction.
Know if you need help I am always here to help! Have a great one and stay fit and healthy.