Today was the day I decided to take charge of my mental and physical health. I committed to the 3 Day Refresh and Shaun Week. Refresh was a success, have had over 100oz of water, and worked out twice. I felt a bit sluggish this afternoon between the heat, and no sugar. But, I know that its all mind over matter! I came home, pushed play, and had my Vanilla Fresh and veggie salad for dinner.
Now here I sit writing this thinking about the success I had today, and how much better I feel when I workout! Shaun T also motivates me mind, and body. That’s what I love most about him, its not just getting physically fit, but mentally as well. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is workout, but the eating and metal aspect of fitness is what gets most of us tied up. Once we get that figured out its easy peasy right?? Wish it were that simple. Fitness is a constant work in progress. We all get in those slumps where we just fall off, not eat as well as we should, or just don’t workout. That has been where I have been the last few months. I am not happy with myself either that I have let myself go for so long. I got on the scale yesterday and was so upset. But I did not let it discourage me. Instead I took my measurements, took a couple pictures, and I committed to myself for the next 30 days to dig deep and focus on my health and nutrition.
It wont be easy, there will be days when I won’t want to do it, or will want to stray from my healthy eats, but I am going to set myself up for success, and know that I can overcome any obstacle thrown in my way, even my own mind. Mind over matter. Focus on the positive, and know that in the long run I am doing this for me and I will feel better, workouts are the best anti depressants out there.
So here is to the next 30 days and getting myself back at it! I will write my events every night to keep me focused and accountable!
Stay fit and healthy!