Here I am two days into the 21 Day Fix, I love these workouts!! They are quick, and the way my legs feel today, effective. Day one was cardio, first move is surrenders, kills me every time!! Love that burn the next day when you know you have had a great workout! Today was upper fix, used 5 and 8 pound weights, my legs were so sore I added some Turbo Fire 30 minute cardio and the 10 minute stretch to get the soreness out of my hamstrings and quads! Felt great, not to mention burned some extra calories.
The last two days have been dreary and nasty! Laid on the couch all morning and watched movies, but I got up and got moving and felt great for it! Ate great and over 100 oz. of water both days, so tonight we splurged and got pizza, I am still under my calorie goal for the day! When you start eating clean its about moderation, you don’t have to completely give up all the foods you love, just learn to eat less and moderation. Pizza is one of those foods that I will splurge for.
The fix workouts are great, easy to follow and have a good modifier for all levels of fitness. Its one of those workouts you can do anytime to get yourself back on track! I especially like the containers for my portion control. You really don’t realize how much our portions are out of control. that adds to the obesity problem in our society. The containers are so much easier and less work than weighing food. I am also back to using My Fitness Pal, as well as posting pictures of all my foods for accountability!
Tomorrow starts our team’s 5 day Shakeology challenge, 5 days of replacing one meal with Shakeology and eating clean the rest of the day, as well as getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. It’s a great way for people to try out Shakeology and see the amazing benefits in just 5 short days! I love these challenges, they get me on track plus so much fun to see how it motivates and inspires others in just a short amount of time.
Having suffered from an eating disorder as a kid, proper nutrition is especially important to me! For so long I had an unhealthy vision of what “healthy” eating was. I thought the less I ate the leaner and healthier I was, boy oh boy how was I wrong. I did irreversible damage to my body. It drives me crazy when people say they are just going to cut back on their food intake, its not about cutting back it’s about making the right choices and learning proper portion sizes.. For example, here it is after dinner on day 2 and I am under my calorie goal and have had all three meals as well as two snacks. So I have a few options for another evening snack. The plan calls for protein, vegetables, carbohydrates (which gives you natural energy), healthy fats, fruits, and seeds and nuts. Do there is no deprivation in what you eat!
Beachbody is all about proper nutrition and exercise. No “fat blockers”, you don’t wrap away the fat, all those crazy products make me laugh. Yes you may have temporary results, but if your not learning proper nutrition and portion control, and you go back to your old ways, where is that going to leave you? Right back where you started… Until you learn how to eat, and what to eat, you will never see lasting healthy results. And don’t even get me started on all those gimmicks that have you cut out your carbohydrates, if you eat the right type of carbs that is what gives you energy. Did you know that Adkins is the worst diet on the market? It puts so much stress on your heart and if you stay on it to long you can do some serious damage you this vital organ!
There are so many weight loss products and gimmicks out there, in the world with tons of technology at our fingertips there is not reason that any of us should be uninformed about fitness, weight loss, and how to live a happy, healthy, productive life.
I am ready for day 3 tomorrow, lower fix, which is my favorite! Back to work, so I have all my meals planned and prepped so I don’t hit a drive through or make unhealthy choices. The best thing is knowing and being prepared!
Hope everyone is having a happy safe holiday! Stay fit and healthy!