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Shift Shop Round 1

I completed round one of Shift Shop a week ago. I planned on doing a second round this past week but certain things, like life, got in the way. But Round 2 is on schedule starting tomorrow. Round 1 was… Continue Reading →

Getting back

So I have been really digging deep and trying to focus on me these last two weeks. I hate to say that since around Christmas I have been on a roller coaster of emotional depression. I have started workouts and… Continue Reading →

Day 1, back at it

Today was the day I decided to take charge of my mental and physical health. I committed to the 3 Day Refresh and Shaun Week. Refresh was a success, have had over 100oz of water, and worked out twice. I… Continue Reading →

A fresh start

So I have been a way a while. I have had some serious battles with my depression and some things going on in life that I just can not change, no matter how hard I try. This last year has… Continue Reading →

Me now…

So for the last few months I have been really struggling. As a chronic sufferer of depression, I am aware that without warning this disease can crawl up and get you in a choke hold that is hard to get… Continue Reading →

Starting over

You know the old saying, “If your tired of starting over quit stopping”. Several years ago when I decided to dive head first into healthy and fitness I was really working hard. Working out consistently, eating as healthy as I… Continue Reading →

Finding my why….

One day several years ago when I was 40 pounds overweight and facing several issues I was facing a big question. I had met a coach on Facebook and she asked me why I wanted to get fit and healthy…. Continue Reading →

Body Image

So the other day I was listening to Shaun T’s podcast and there was a lady who was talking about women and body image, how we use food as emotional crutches and more often than not when we look in… Continue Reading →

Life gets in the way

Several weeks ago I made the decision to get back to my blog, start the 21 Day Fix program, and to recommit to a healthy fit lifestyle. I did great for a week, the second week ok, then I got… Continue Reading →

Day 1 & 2

Here I am two days into the 21 Day Fix, I love these workouts!! They are quick, and the way my legs feel today, effective. Day one was cardio, first move is surrenders, kills me every time!! Love that burn… Continue Reading →

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